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Memorial created 01-6-2017 by
Joni Markel
Brandon Lee Markel
August 6 1986 - July 4 2016

Our beautiful boy

Grief is an excrutiatingly awkward place to live. It's like being surrounded on all sides, within an inch of your flesh, by razor sharp iron spikes. It is anvil heavy and has an overwhelming way of convincing you that it is insurmountable. Of all the emotional hollows I have found myself in, grief is the most disturbing. Perhaps mourning is so eerie because you are thrust there by something you cannot control -- death. And you are held hostage by something you cherish -- love.


This day we celebrated his graduating from the DACC Wind Turbine Technician program. One semester he was on the President's List, straight A's. He was looking forward to climbing high in the turbines. You have to be physically fit to perform this task, and he was good at it and enjoyed it.


This was on Brandon's birthday in 2015. Bill and I had just gotten home from Tablerock Lake. Brandon had never driven my dad's SSR. He drove us to the Sidney Dairy Barn and then around the countryside. Let me just say that the mph that night exceeded any that I have experienced thus far!!


I don't even have any words........


Mother's Day 2015. Brandon and Lindsey took me out for lunch. I loved those times so much. It was one of the best Mother's Days ever!!


This was at the Fairmount Quarry where we have a campsite. Brandon was the best tour guide of the Quarry, and Lindsey had asked him to give her friend Courtney a tour on the golf cart. Looks like a good time, huh??


Bean Blossom, IN June 2016 at a bluegrass festival. My great-niece Finley and Brandon had a beautiful bond. This picture melts my heart.


Bluegrass festival in Bean Blossom, June 2016. Brandon asked me to go the outdoor bar with he and Heather. It was raining at the time so I said "Why not?" We were drinking whiskey and lemonade. It was so much fun.


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