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Phil Peace
Jack Peace
December 4 1919 - September 22 2016

Jack about to board the F101 Fighter jet


Colonel Jack E. Peace died September 22, 2016, in Santa Fe New Mexico, where he lived in a retirement facility.  Colonel Peace was born in Corbin, Kentucky, in 1919.  A graduate of Corbin High School, he joined the US Army Air Force in 1941 after his sophomore year at nearby Union College.

 He played on the last football team there in the same year, 1941, because the college and most of their opponents could not field teams due to the players being drafted and/or joining the armed forces.  

For his Ari Force career, he flew many different air craft during WWII, the Korean War and the Berlin Airlift.  During WWII he flew the "Hump", the most dangerous war zone for the Air Force, flying from Burma and India to China, over the Himalayan Mountains, the highest in the world rising to 24,000 feet and the worst weather... 

Due to the height of the mountains and constant bad weather, so many planes and crews were lost (700 hundred planes and 1,200 crewmen) that the Air Force cancelled the flights.  He was fortunate to make and survived 56 flights.


 Shortly before his retirement in 1965, while stationed at Malstrom AFB in Montana, he chased a UFO in his F101 Jet, flying faster than the speed of sound!  The UFO appeared as a light and as they drew closer, it took off as "if they were stationary"! Among the medals he was awarded were: 3 Air medals, 2 Asiatic-Pacific medals, 4 battle stars, the Berlin Airlift medal, and the WWII Victory medal.  

He continued to live in Great Falls, the home of Malstrom AFBase, where he enjoyed hunting and fishing in the area and building a cabin in the nearby mountains.  He was an excellent wood carver, making intricately detailed wooden ducks and totem poles. He gave them away to family and friends.  When asked why he didn't sell these works of art, he would say: "You couldn't afford them"!

His wife Yvonne, who had been an Air Force nurse, died in 1993.  In 2009 he moved to California to live in a retirement facility near his brother Phil.  While there he was a member of the city's United Methodist Church and it's men's group.  In addition to his brother Phil, he is survived by his daughter Patty Hammarstedt, son Dave and four grandsons. - Phil Peace Sept. 2016


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