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Memorial created 10-1-2008 by
Steen Brydum
Kirsten Brydum
January 22 1983 - September 27 2008

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12-26-2010 1:19 PM -- By: Momma,  From: Arroyo Grande  

My Sweet Baby, you are missed more and more but at least now I can stay focused on only the good and wonderful things and honor your memory in a more peaceful area.

12-26-2010 3:57 AM -- By: Jo-Anna,  From: New Orleans  

A friend told me about you; I Googled the story and circumstances until I discovered your name and life.

I'm a traveler like you, a native New Orleanian black female who travels alone, hikes alone, camps alone. I've been to every country in Western Europe except five, traveled to China, driven to Mexico and Canada in my car.

So sorry this happened to you. I can't believe this happened. It should not have.

But then again, last summer I saw a different kind of America I hadn't known, a very seedy side present in every state, from Oklahoma to Massachusetts. I noticed it in Switzerland and Luxembourg in Europe too.

This world has changed in the last 10 years since I first drove from New Orleans to Montreal by myself.

I don't know you but I cried just now. Wish I would have known your light, life and shine -- wish I could have told you about the New Orleans that I love and the New Orleans that I detest; the New Orleans that I, as a black female native of the city, would never go to now, though I did as a high schooler with friends or boyfriends who lived in those down-and-out areas. I'm scared of being carjacked now. It happens. It happened to a black native Detroit female reporter covering her hometown.

Kirsten, I'm not sure why I decided to look you up now ... still Christmas night in California. I can only think that you are a true angel who's life will not be lost in vain. It lives on.

You live on....

12-18-2010 2:57 AM -- By: Einar ,  From: San Luis Obispo, CA  

We know you're still with us - albeit invisible. Continue the good work!

09-30-2010 2:18 AM -- By: Michele(cousin),  From: RI  

Thinking of you and all the family. The physcial body shall leave but the spirit always remains. The tears will eventually subside but our memories will live with us forever.

09-29-2010 5:12 PM -- By: Aunt Mary,  From: Mission Viejo  

Thinking of you...I know your family misses you terribly. Love to you Kirsten, rest peacefully.

09-28-2010 11:03 AM -- By: Momma,  From:  

We missed Dolores Park this year but I plan to visit there very soon and definitely on your birthday. <3

09-28-2010 11:01 AM -- By: Momma,  From:  

My beautiful baby, how I miss you! The pain will never go away but the love around me is heartfelt and constant. I hope you and Farfar are dancing together again.

09-27-2010 8:16 PM -- By: Cathy,  From: Los Angeles  

always thinking of you my darlin.

09-27-2010 8:05 PM -- By: Peg Garrison,  From: Laguna Beach  

Kirsten was well loved--even those of us who never had the privilege of knowing her--we know she was loved--so--being so well loved--she is still here watching over All of her loved ones--and she is still loving you all back.

09-27-2010 12:29 PM -- By: Myra,  From:  

What a wonderful way to remember Kirsten on her 2nd anniversary in heaven, smiling and happy. Just thinking of you today Steen.

09-26-2010 11:24 PM -- By: ,  From:  

I was so inspired by Kirsten from the moment I met her. Her warm, enthusiastic, grounded energy was contagious and something I strive to pass on.

You were wonderfully alive, and shared a brilliant compassion and analysis for humanity. I am thankful to have known you.

09-09-2010 4:55 PM -- By: Ashleen Brydum,  From:  

Kirsten, I love you and still miss you daily, I wish of all things I could just hug you again. I love you.

07-16-2010 6:09 PM -- By: Rim,  From: france  

Rest in Peace Kirsten

07-01-2010 7:55 AM -- By: Greg,  From: San Jose  

Throw a party for Kirsten in Dolores Park this summer. We will all be there. She has fire, like no one else. I believe in her.

06-14-2010 3:30 PM -- By: Ro,  From: New Orleans  

I saw a sign for the Really Really Free Market in New Orleans yesterday. It made me think of Kirsten and I wondered if there has been any progress on her case. Best wishes to her family.

05-03-2010 4:31 AM -- By: J. Gail,  From: Canada  

I have visited this site previously & signed previously. Each time I read about Kirsten I feel even more inspired!! What an absolutely BEAUTIFUL girl!!So intelligent, so ambitious!! I wish I knew her. Her parents must be bursting with pride to have had such a wonderful daughter!! My heart aches over their loss. Her parents, surely must realize that if there was anything Kirsten could control it would be to ease her family's pain. The sweetheart would be so sad if she knew of the grief they endured! I am sure she would tell them "we will be together one day". In the meantime.....what great people to have raised such a strong, sensitive, concerned, focused daughter!! Too many selfish people in this world! Kirsten was an angel, a beautiful, beautiful angel. Each of her parents can say "We had an angel"!!!....but she went back to God as "he only takes the best". Her sister, I am sure joins in with pride as well...I am sure she too is a wonderful person! Such great parents you must have been! Congratulations!! I wish I could take some of your pain & sprinkle it around so it wouldn't be so hard on you!! Kirsten was a hero!!! Hang onto that thought until you meet again..... there is not enough people in this world who want to make a difference like she did!! You raised her...wow! take pride in that!!!!! What I wonder is..... WHO raised that "person" who killed Kirsten??! I believe in karma.......

04-29-2010 3:08 AM -- By: Gail,  From: Canada  

What a beautiful girl!!!!!! Poor dear! The family must have been proud of her!! My heart aches just reading about this sad story...a wonderful person trying to make a difference! A beautiful girl, an educated girl....

03-30-2010 3:37 AM -- By: Elena,  From: San Francisco  

I am crying a little and should be in bed instead of reading and reading. I will always think of you, you are just such a lovely girl, I have watched u laugh and cry and take care and feel and see and love. I will always remember u and I wish I could hug ur mom and dad because they are so so sad and it will never be the same.

02-07-2010 12:28 PM -- By: Angie Gianino Neel,  From: Northern Virginia  

Kirsten will be honored every day by the continuing work others will do in her memory, work which will help others. For that, Kirsten will smile down upon everyone in the way of thanks, and she will be eternally grateful for the ongoing efforts of others to bring comfort to those less fortunate than ourselves.

02-04-2010 5:07 AM -- By: Greg,  From: San Jose  

Where is the fire Kirsten? They took your park away. I'm here.

01-30-2010 7:17 AM -- By: Jon,  From: South Town  

You are my hero Kirsten.Vampire Weekend and Alice in Chains are coming to town here in Oakland. They are not your choice, but i want to hear some indie rock and some old stuff. Your coming back right? World isn't the same...

01-24-2010 2:29 AM -- By: Lisa Miller,  From: Genesta Ave,neighbor  

Dear Mamie,I found out today about Kirsten's tragic passing.The world has truly sufferered a devistating loss.Her contributions will live on forever.I remember the sweet,bubbly child in the bathtub with Erika when I babysat.I remember the exuberant,unique young woman she became.I am truly saddened.My wish for you and your family is PEACE.......With codolences,Lisa.......

01-22-2010 9:44 PM -- By: Cathy,  From: Los angeles  

My little dear, I miss you. I celebrate the memory and spirit of all you were and continue to be in my heart.

01-22-2010 6:08 PM -- By: Ellen herbert,  From: Los Angeles  

Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu your memory and spirit guide me, Kirsten.

01-22-2010 3:18 PM -- By: denise king,  From: Cumberland R.I.  

haapy birthday in heaven kirsten , i'm so sorry for what happened to your beautiful daughter know that we will see our dhildren again .i too have lost a great son ,what kind of person kills an inocent girl like that is beyound my emagination.again so sorry u r in my throughts today take care billys mom forever

01-22-2010 12:42 PM -- By: Myra,  From:  

Happy Birthday to a beautiful Soul

01-22-2010 3:37 AM -- By: Greg,  From: San Jose  

on your birthday,of course i will be here. nobody will take that away. i never knew you, except those times at the really really free market. you are jack k. you are fire. and fire is fire. and that is amazing.

01-13-2010 9:38 AM -- By: sandhya abey,  From: sri lanka  

i am so sorry for your loss may god bless you.

01-08-2010 3:50 PM -- By: anja,  From: los angeles, CA  

struggling today, my darling. this heart is heavy and sometimes reading the open letters here lightens the load.

i don't feel lighter, but at least i feel you.

we'll be in dolores park on your birthday, of course. as close to your trees as we can get. yes, anyone who reads this is welcome to join us.

love in abundance.

01-08-2010 1:45 PM -- By: Cecily Jones,  From: London, UK  

What an inspirational and human young woman...wish I had known her.


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