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Memorial created 10-1-2008 by
Steen Brydum
Kirsten Brydum
January 22 1983 - September 27 2008

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10-02-2008 3:05 PM -- By: Marcie Grado,  From: Los Angeles, Ca  

I'm so sad to hear the news of Kirsten's death. I pray for healing and protection of Kirsten's family and friends. Kirsten, I never had the honor of meeting you but "Thank You" for wanting to make a change in this world... May you rest in the arms of your father ~ GOD! Love, The Grado Family

10-02-2008 3:00 PM -- By: Lutricia Ware,  From: Los Angeles (previously worked wtih Mamie at F&J)  

To the Family of Kirsten:

I am truly saddened to hear of your loss. May God bless you through this difficult time.


10-02-2008 2:59 PM -- By: Crystal Brockel,  From: Los Angeles, Ca  

My thoughts and prayers are with Kristen & her loved ones. This is very unfortunate a young girl doing good for the world & loving life, to have her own life taken away by someone who is so careless & has no respect for anothers life. I am very sad to hear this awful news & pray the person who did this be found and brought to justice.

10-02-2008 2:53 PM -- By: Babs Johnson,  From: New Orleans  

What a brave soul. She is honored in Heaven. She loved my cats. I am so sorry that this happened. Your all in my prayers.

10-02-2008 2:47 PM -- By: Kyle Grant,  From: Van Nuys, CA  

Kirsten was and will always be known to her friends. She was a great person with passion each one of us should know. We will miss her greatly. To her family, I am so sorry for the loss. I wish all of you prayers and love.

10-02-2008 2:12 PM -- By: Veronica,  From:  

Mr. & Mrs. Brydum may you find comfort in knowing that our Lord is now holding Kirsten safely in his arms. May you find the strength and peace to overcome this tradegy. My prayers are with you.

10-02-2008 2:05 PM -- By: Ric and Bob,  From: Portland, OR  

May the ever lasting work of Kirsten, her energy, and ideals live on, and be of great comfort in the difficult months and years ahead for all her family

She was taken so tragically, but her light will shine on.

Ric and Bob Portland, OR

10-02-2008 1:52 PM -- By: Eve Troeh,  From: New Orleans  

Your daughter's life and energy are an inspiration. She lived brightly and fully, and let's all honor her by doing the same every day.

10-02-2008 1:44 PM -- By: Jim Wilson,  From: ADCOM  

Steen, Linda, Grandparents and Family, we are so shocked to hear of Kirsten's death. We know your loss must be unimagineably heavy. Please know that all of you are in our thoughts and prayers. Love, Jim and Mary Kay Wilson

10-02-2008 1:40 PM -- By: Bruce,  From: New Orleans  

To use Kirsten's own words, "I am truly fortunate" to have learned about her dedication to positive change, her inquisitive mind, and her obvious love of life today. New Orleans, and the rest of the world, needed her now more than ever. Her spirit will live on with everyone who knew her, loved her, or read her insightful writings. My condolences to her family and friends....

10-02-2008 1:32 PM -- By: HARLEY & JEANNIE HANCOCK,  From:  


We are awfully sorry to hear of your daughters tragic death. Our prayers are with you and your family.

Harley & Jeannie

10-02-2008 12:56 PM -- By: John Page,  From: Mountain View, CA  

Whenever I saw Kirsten, she always had a welcoming smile and a genuine hug for me - not the half-hearted kind, but an honest-to-God embrace, the kind that engulfs you. There was so much warmth in that slight frame of hers…

Kirsten had something to which not everyone can lay claim: Passion. A driving force propelling her through life's waters. She could have stayed in the harbor. Instead, she ventured out, the horizon beckoning. She carried with her a message, a message of hope, an altruistic vision of a better world. Kirsten was not about Kirsten – she was about you and me. She lived for all of us. That she could be swallowed by a rogue wave so swiftly, so aimlessly… is as unfathomable as the depths of the sea, or the human heart.

To everyone touched by Kirsten – family and friends, loved ones all – my own heart goes out to you.


10-02-2008 12:31 PM -- By: Tom Magnus,  From: El Granada, CA  

Steen and Mamie and Erika,

While I did not know Kirsten well, reading through the volumes posted that describe her committment and involvement in "finding other ways" to live and promote life on earth reveals the true spirit you ushered into this world. Kirsten was a leader and an inspiration to so many and will continue to be so. And....we are numb with shock at yet another exhibition of how cold and cruel and insensitive and final the acts of others can be.

Our hearts are with you and you know you can call on us at ANY time....Love....Tom

10-02-2008 11:48 AM -- By: Martin,  From:  


I don't know what to say. You and the family will be in my thoughts.

Love, Martin

10-02-2008 11:28 AM -- By: Louise D.,  From: Portland, OR  

Kirsten's death is beyond emotional and logical comprehension. Her spirit will live among us forever. My prayers, thoughts, and love go out to her family and friends.

10-02-2008 11:24 AM -- By: Linda Matty,  From: Springfield, VA  

I'm Kathy Page's sister. She called me this morning to give me this sad news. I'm so sorry for your tragic loss and will keep your family in my prayers as you go through this terrible time. Linda Matty

10-02-2008 10:26 AM -- By: Adrian,  From: Georgia  

My condolences to your family for a life taken

God Bless

10-02-2008 10:17 AM -- By: Johnathan Christian,  From: New Orleans  

Many within our community of New Orleans hearts break for your loss. Kristen seems to have been a genuinely caring, hardworking, open, and thoughtful woman who made a positive impact on the world. To her friends and family my deepest regrets, as to the greater world she no longer has a chance to change for the better.

10-02-2008 9:14 AM -- By: tyler page,  From: jamestown, ri  

I was fortunate to have Kirsten stay with me in Jamestown at the end of the summer. We caught up on her travels & life in general. I can remember thinking, "what a unique person" she's become- caring, passionate, and committed, yet clearly non-judgmental. Her focus on social justice issues reminded me of American idealism of the 60's. I think Steve, Debra & I were the last to see her. Our sadness is profound, as it is with so many others- evidenced by the number of entries in such a short span of time. Mamie- Erika- Steen: my thoughts & prayers are with you. Find solace in that you gifted us with such a remarkable young lady. Tyler

10-02-2008 9:08 AM -- By: Stephen Page,  From: Jamestown RI  

I can hardly bring myself to look at any of this yet. But THANK YOU for creating the site Steen.

Rest in peace beautiful girl. Uncle Stephen

10-02-2008 7:07 AM -- By: ,  From:  

Very sad. Rest in peace. Solidarity from Sweden.

10-02-2008 6:56 AM -- By: Kathleen,  From: New Orleans  

I send my sincere sympathies to the family and friends of Kirsten Brydum. I did not know her, but have read some of her writings and activities since hearing of her horrible death in the city where I reside. The world has lost an angel who appeared to truly be interested in creating better lives for the downtroden.

10-02-2008 6:38 AM -- By: Cecelia,  From: Vancouver WA  

I met Kirsten briefly, while she was visiting her mother in Portland, OR. Beautiful girl, my sons age... I have been reading the bloggs. Kirsten is an amazing individual and a tribute to what is right with the young people of her generation. A beautiful, caring, productive human being, making a difference in the world. Her death is a travisty we may never understand. I do pray you find some comfort in the many wonderful works she has accomplished in such a short stay among us. Love and prayers to her family and friends from the Pacific Northwest...

10-02-2008 6:26 AM -- By: Per Felby,  From: Denmark  

Dear Steen, Erika and Mamie. What can you say ?? Life is not fair! Know that you all are in our hearts and thoughts. Be shure that the sun is shinning on Kirsten, where ever she may be.. Love from Denmark Joan,Per,Michelle & Nikita

10-02-2008 4:49 AM -- By: sonia aggarwal,  From: san francisco  

i continue to feel kirsten's boundless radiance, the warmth of her smiling brown eyes, and the contagious pull of her excitement. what a truly inspiring woman.

love and light to all of kirsten's family and many friends.

10-02-2008 4:11 AM -- By: Mette Felby,  From: Denmark  

Dear Steen, Mamie and Erika. We know that there aren't any words that can ease your loss of a wonderfull sister and daughter. But know, that your family in Denmark are thinking of you in these hard times. Love from Denmark.

10-02-2008 3:19 AM -- By: Marika,  From:  

My heart goes out to Kirsten's family and all those who knew her. She was my West Coast best friend and I am truly shattered by this news.

Our last time spent together was just a few weeks ago, cuddling in a teeny twin bed in Madison, Wisconsin after a late night canoe ride under a full moon. The final night of a summer of intentionally intersecting travels to share in each other’s boldness. We deemed one another our refuel for the revolution.

“You inspire me, lady love” and with a long hug and a sincere smile, we parted ways.

And now I’m trying to write about her tragic death and I simply cannot. How do you articulate the characteristics of someone so full of light, someone with such a humble heart and revolutionary vision? This warrior woman’s armor was kindness, adaptability, observation, composure, and swiftness of thought and action.

Anyone who was fortunate enough to feel Kirsten’s fire surely found themselves in long conversations about the gift economy as an alternative to a Capitalist system based on alienation & exploitation, about the nexus of spirituality and anarchism, about how to connect brilliant minds and radical projects to one another.

Kirsten’s warm-hearted nature and capacity to give comfort to all those around her will truly be missed. Her unfathomable dedication to living the politics we theorize about will continue to inspire us all.

Oh, beautiful lady, incredible spirit, partner in crime, adventurous wanderer, dancing fool, sure-footed saucy sister, political comrade, traveling buddy, social theorist who knew no bounds only love love love. I’m missing you terribly.

But I feel you, krock… dancing in the streets, sweaty basements, and everywhere imaginable giggling over atlases and life off the grid ditching graduation to ride bicycles all around SF basking in the sunset on a rooftop in West Philly sewing tattered clothing in workshops led together theorizing about social exchange under the freeway performing tea ceremonies in Minneapolis scamming photocopies galore gardening neglected plots of a Wisconsin cooperative shouting “destroy money, build community” in a shopping mall in PA doing yoga in artist studios with windows revealing the city skyline frolicking in the rain on the Southside fantasizing about the apocalypse & protopostcollapsian theory drinking pu erh on a low-lit cobblestone street cofounding Dirty Dove Infoshop & the ever popular In(ter)dependence Day photographing one another with mosaic mural backdrops baking vegan cupcakes amidst riot police in St Paul adventuring to scrap boats docked in graffiti-ridden ports organizing during the demise of our college chanting “eat the rich, feed the poor” along with 2,000 others picking vegetables from an abandoned garden for a potluck playing washboard with wingnuts in Peace Park postulating plans for Access café a year before it’s inception sharing nuts and berries in industrial wasteland bringing smiles to strangers faces at the sight of us two gallivanting resisting capitalism daily planting seeds of hope for the future & so many more beautiful memories forever cherished

I love you, girl. We’ll travel again someday.

10-02-2008 1:49 AM -- By: Ellen Herbert,  From: Los Angeles  

I loved Kirsten from the moment my son Blake brought her into my life. I remember when she told me that she was a descendant of Eleanor of Aquitane. I gave Kirsten a book about Eleanor - we talked about this historical figure - a wife, a mother of two kings, but a leader, a warrior and a ruler in her right. My family has been priviliged to have her in our lives for many years . Steen, Mamie, Erika and all, we love you so very much and are here for you. Ellen

10-02-2008 1:43 AM -- By: Mary-Ann,  From:  

Dear Steen. I can only too well imagine what you must be going through at this time, my mind is totally refusing to process this. I recently had an opportunity to spend a little time with Kirsten and reading all the comments about her on the 'net' reinforces my sense that you could be very proud of your daughter. She had such compassion and purpose in her life and had the guts to walk her talk. She knew at such a young age what her path was and in that she was far older and wiser that mostof us ever get. Steen, I can't begin to tell you how sorry I am for your loss. Please accept my hugs for you and Erika and please call me if you want to talk. Love Mary-Ann

10-02-2008 1:38 AM -- By: Lula Chapman,  From: sf  

Oh dear. What a bright light. Thank you, Kirsten, for shining the way you did.


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