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Memorial created 10-1-2008 by
Steen Brydum
Kirsten Brydum
January 22 1983 - September 27 2008

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10-03-2008 9:33 PM -- By: Brian,  From: San Francisco, CA  

This is really a sad and tragic event. Even though I don't know Kirsten personally, I do connect with her love of travel and trying to bring our community together.

We all in the San Francisco community have lost a wonderful person and model member of our society.

My prays are with the family.

10-03-2008 9:22 PM -- By: Richard Kay,  From: San Francisco  

My thoughts are with Kirsten's family and friends.

10-03-2008 9:17 PM -- By: Marino Pascal,  From: Los Angeles  

Farewell. Your spirit may keep traveling. Don't stop. Keep riding.

Thank you for keeping a journal. Thank you to the people who put these pages together.

10-03-2008 8:43 PM -- By: Alex,  From: SF/Mexico, DF  

Dear Kirsten,

I can see you now, dancing with abandon on a sunny Dolores Park afternoon while the Brass Liberation Orchestra plays 'Bella Ciao' fast and loud.

We are richer for the days you shared with us. I pledge to remember you in reaching to live my own life, today, now, in the breath of this very moment, as you have shown us it is possible: with compassion for every being, with a vision of abundance, with the confidence to make it count.

Deepest gratitude for your time here with us, Kirsten, far too brief. Bella ciao.


10-03-2008 8:27 PM -- By: Christina Miglino,  From: Seattle  

Love and blessings to Kirsten's family. I never knew her but I have been touched time and time again by what she has done for the community here, in San Francisco. Thank you Kirsten, your spirit will forever live on.

10-03-2008 8:21 PM -- By: Yolanda,  From: San Francisco  

My deepest condolences to Kirsten's family and friends. I was drawn to her story in SF Gate by her wonderful picture. There are few people who can trully smile with their heart. After reading her journal and the good things she worked for, our world has one less person that had faith in the good of humanity. May her spirit soar forever.

10-03-2008 8:12 PM -- By: peter gabel,  From: san francisco  

kirsten was a friend and a beautiful and brilliant presence in my spiritual activism classes at new college. i so appreciated her authenticity and confidence in pursuing a more loving world--her willingness to put herself forward as real. i'm so shaken by her death.

10-03-2008 8:04 PM -- By: Chris,  From: East Bay (SF)  

I didn't know Kirsten but I did volunteer work in the Upper Ninth in May. It's no where near Bywater where she was staying. This is not the kind of neighborhood you decide to go riding thru at night. I know this does not bring her back. But hopefully her family won't think she made a foolish decision that cost her her life. I don't have faith in the NOLA police and the locals won't talk. To the family - hire someone to investigate. Spread the word of the violence in NOLA. Demand action from the state of LA. Don't let her become just another number in NOLA's staggering murders.

10-03-2008 7:56 PM -- By: Dwight Sickler,  From: Schenectady,NY  

Sad to see such beautiful person taken from us all. We need more of her spirit in the world today. Hopefully her spirit will be carried forward by those she gave love and compassion to.

10-03-2008 7:48 PM -- By: asha,  From: san francisco  

Two years ago, I was new to SF, somewhat alone, and sans pan and spatula to cook breakfast. Out for a work in my hood - Delores Park, I stumbled across the REALLY REALLY FREE MARKET. I was so happy to see a group of people recycling into the universe, and there it was - a pan, and a spatula...both still in my possession, and now, a special possession. I never met you Kirsten, but this smile I see on your face is brighter than the sun and I hope I can partake in your motion you've set in this world. All my love and strength to the Brydum family. -asha

10-03-2008 7:32 PM -- By: kitten tears,  From: sf  

Dear Universe,

Thank you for making a person like Kirsten Brydum. Thank you letting me learn more about this amazing being who is an inspiration to many. I do not understand why she had to have such a tragic ending. But I can only believe that is the way it is supposed to be, even as baffling, unfair, and cruel as it truly is. My sincerest condolences to her loved ones.

10-03-2008 7:30 PM -- By: Judy B,  From: San Jose, CA  

It is very sad that such a productive life come to a brutal end. Perhaps her legacy will grow further then even she could imagine with the foundation you have established.

I came across the story on the SF Gate website and was drawn to her interesting life and saddened by her untimely death.


10-03-2008 7:27 PM -- By: Sandra Donovan,  From: Culver City, CA  

There are no words to express the depth of this tragedy. My heart goes out to those who loved Kirsten. What a beautiful person she was.

10-03-2008 7:22 PM -- By: Byron,  From: SF  

Kirsten, I didn't even know you and I'm sad. Why, oh, why did you have to go biking at midnight in the darkest parts of New Orleans??

You weren't looking for trouble but trouble found you. It's not right. It's not fair. And that is life, in a nutshell.

Thank you for having lived and making the lives of those you knew shine that much brighter.

I hope you are in a place far removed from the one that took your life. I hope your received with love.

10-03-2008 7:05 PM -- By: Laura Murphy,  From: Los Angeles  

I want to express my sincere sympathy and condolences to your family.

10-03-2008 6:43 PM -- By: Eric,  From: San Francisco  

I did not know her but it's terrible that someone who gave so much had their life end so tragically.

10-03-2008 6:34 PM -- By: jessica b,  From: van nuys, ca  

kirsten, you are not only my best friend's older sister, you were an inspiration and role model to me. even before i met you or erika, i remember thinking, "who is that cool girl who is always smiling and surrounded by friends?" once i got to know you, i loved you even more. i will never forget all of the awesome times we have shared and conversations, however silly, or incredibly deep. even when the gaps between seeing each other widened. each time we met agin it was like we hadnt skipped a beat. i know for a fact that you have touched hundreds upon thousands of lives, and that all of us will miss you dearly. your s.o.a.s. girl, jessica

"friends help each other any way they can"-the aquabats.

10-03-2008 5:41 PM -- By: Jan Wise,  From: Lake Forest, CA.  

To Kirsten, You are such a beautiful girl, not just on the outside, but you truly have a beautiful heart. I have known you since you were just a baby, and I always loved visiting with you at the family parties. You always did remind us of Princess Laia, so pretty and delicate. You were taken so early, you had so much more to offer this world, a beautiful light has gone out. but a new and brighter light is now shinning in heaven. We will never forget you. Our Love to you and your family. Jan & Dave

10-03-2008 5:33 PM -- By: Bobby Jones,  From: San Francisco  

I am so sorry that a wonderful lady is brutally killed by a gun. This should wake up America that there are way to many guns in the wrong hands. How many innocent people have to die, before we enact a strong gun law bill?

10-03-2008 5:27 PM -- By: Rosa Lee Harden,  From: San Francisco  

I met Kirsten briefly in Asheville last week when we both just happened to be visiting my daughter and her friend, B.J. ... She was clearly an amazing young woman ... This is so heart-breaking.

10-03-2008 5:14 PM -- By: christopher owens,  From: san francisco  

you would be surprised with what little understanding the world is ruled. -pope julius III

kirsten understood. loves you kirsten

10-03-2008 5:13 PM -- By: Donna,  From: Bywater - New Orleans  

I am a 26 years old and I live near the neighborhood where she was found. I did not know Kristen, but after reading her journal entries and seeing the things that other people have said about her, she seems like anyone of my friends. I am so sorry for your loss. New Orleans is a sinking ship that is unfortunetly taking down lots of innocent people with it.

10-03-2008 5:07 PM -- By: Liz Perkins,  From: San Francisco  

I was in several of her classes at NCC in SF. I was always on the shy side and she was able to get me to talk. I truly enjoyed seeing and speaking with her. She was always eloquent and insightful. She inspired me and made change seem possible. When someone dies people always say how sweet or good or kind they were. But in this case it is to the core shockingly accurate. She had such a light, hopeful, sincere energy. I can't imagine how the person that did this could have actually carried out the act. I am a better person for having known her and greatly saddened that her physical body is no longer with us. I will miss her.

10-03-2008 5:02 PM -- By: Steven Amburgey,  From: Florida  

We are sorry for your loss. We hope you pull together in this time and let your friends and family support you. We will keep you in our prayers.

10-03-2008 4:59 PM -- By: Kamper ,  From: Denmark  

Dear US Family (all of you)

A message so unreal that it still doesn't seems true. As a human being it's not possible to hold such a tragic inhuman theft of our kindhearted Kirstens life. Steen, Erika and Mamie, In your hearts live a lovely girl, let her live there forever. We cry with you, and wish we were closer and could hold our arms around you. We are sending all our best thoughts to you. Kirsten will always be in our hearts. We remember her clearly for the last time, visiting you all in the summer 2006. When we got to SF Kirsten met us together with Erika and Will. And they were taking so good care of us. Her name is often on the kids lips, when we talk about our journey, and both Kirsten and Erikas smiling picture is having a special place in our living room, it could never leave us. Thank you Steen, for making this fantastic memorial website. It's making it possible for us to read about and understand Kirsten's mission, what she believed in and about her passion for making the world a better place. In Kirsten lived a very beautiful, intelligent and loving soul, we really hope this will keep on living. . . Erika we can't imaging, how it is to lose a sister, hopefully you will find the meaning of life again. You are really really in our mind for the time being, we send you our feelings and warmest thoughts.

Now we will wave to Kirsten as a shining star in the sky. Sitting there, looking at us and lightning up the sky for us. Kirsten we will light a candle for you and your family.

Love, hugs and tears Carsten and Yvonne

Here a little words from the kids. . .
I can't really understand that I will never see her again.
Love from Emil 13 years old.
Why is there someone who will harm other people? Kirsten was so nice.
Love from Lasse 8 years old.

10-03-2008 4:49 PM -- By: Tanya,  From: the Bay Area  

I am so sorry that we have lost such an amazing person. I didn't know Kirsten, but her written word leaps off the page in such an intelligent, animated and enlightened way that I can see the joy she must have brought her friends and family. And judging by what I saw of these journals - what a brave, adventurous person! My heart goes out to those who knew her in this difficult time.

10-03-2008 4:45 PM -- By: Mark,  From: Chicago  

I'm so sorry to hear about her passing. I never knew of Kirsten before 15 minutes ago. Reading her journal entries make it obvious how important and spirited she was. I'm sad. I hope her vision of the future comes true.

10-03-2008 4:39 PM -- By: Dana,  From: Shelton, Wa  

I came upon the news article about Kristen quite by accident. I was checking out news on the financial bail out bill and a thumbnail photo of Kristen and news of her death printed out on the page. I kept glancing at it, there was something about her. So I checked her out on the web. A girl so full of life, ideas, enthusiasm. I am just sickened by the loss. I was pretty much a sheep at her age. I can't even imagine what it would be like to think and react as she did. She doesn't seem like a person that will soon be forgotten. I feel so sad.

10-03-2008 4:38 PM -- By: brian chew,  From: san francisco  

Hello. I did not know Kirsten. I am saddened though at the loss of someone who seemed to be big hearted, and caring. Her qualities are what we as a society need more of today. I am also distressed that this happened in a place that is also dear to my heart, New Orleans. Kirsten went there for all the right reasons but is leaving for everything that is wrong. I am terribly terribly sorry and hope that memories of such a good human being, live on and on. The world feels sadder today. May God bless her soul. sincerely, Brian Chew

10-03-2008 4:32 PM -- By: neil maclean,  From: new college, sf  

I am in shock. its too early, I just found out, she was too alive and smart and open, she was one of the best students in the classes I taught, for over a year, she was a great writer, and thinker and inspiration, and we had so much more to do together. I too had misfortune in the 9th ward, and still have injuries resulting from it, but now she has been taken there. its too much.


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