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Memorial created 10-1-2008 by
Steen Brydum
Kirsten Brydum
January 22 1983 - September 27 2008

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10-08-2008 10:03 PM -- By: skeeter barker,  From: san francisco  

Whenever Kirsten came into the yoga classes I teach in the mission she would bring with her a bright light and a sweet smile that could warm a grumpy day.
Thank you Kirsten and may your yoga be ever more expanding now.

10-08-2008 8:01 PM -- By: Mary Ann Maring,  From: Huntington Beach, CA  

Dear Steen, I am so sorry for your loss. I know how much you love your girls!
Erika, Only you know the pain of the loss of your dear sister. My heart goes out to you.
God bless you and comfort you.

Mary Ann Maring

10-08-2008 6:45 PM -- By: Scott Beibin,  From: West Philadelphia, PA  

Dear Steen, Erika and family

When I met Kirsten, she was on a whirlwind roadtrip to nyc. Her energy, light, and infectiously confident smile filled the room. I feel privileged to have even briefly met this brilliant, compassionate, and inspiring superstar. My deep condolences go out to her friends and family, and anyone she may have inspired in her travels.


10-08-2008 6:45 PM -- By: Kelly Goodman,  From: Huntington Beach TEAM  

Just know that Im pouring out warm thoughts and prayers to you and your family Steen! We are all with you in spirit during this difficult time. With love, Mark and Kelly Goodman

10-08-2008 5:00 PM -- By: Terilee Harrison,  From: TEAM Referral  

Steen, Erika & Family ~

We at TEAM are so sad for your loss. Our prayers are with you. Please keep in touch and let us know what we can do to be of help to you.

~ Terilee

10-08-2008 4:36 PM -- By: Kelli Holmes,  From:  

Dear Steen, Erika and family,

We are so sorry of the loss of your beautiful daughter/sister Kirsten. Please know that all of us at TEAM are thinking of you and have you in our prayers.

Love, Kelli and all of us at TEAM

10-08-2008 4:35 PM -- By: jean-pierre khreich,  From: team refferal  

Dear Steen, I am so sorry to hear about Kirsten. It must be the most devistating thing that you and your family have ever experienced. It is with my biggest sympathy that I wanted to ask you to hang in there and be strong at these bad times. You and Kirsten will be in my thoughts and prayers and may God bless your family and guide you through this difficult time in life.

Dr. JP

10-08-2008 3:00 PM -- By: Vivian Tondreault,  From: Long Beach, Ca  


I was so sorry to hear of your daughter's death. My prayers are with you and your family.


10-08-2008 1:56 PM -- By: Bart DeLio,  From: TEAM Referral  

I just wanted to convey my condelences to Steen and his family. From my dealings with Steen and his other daughter Erika I know they are a loving family and Kirsten's loss will be an empty place in their hearts.

10-08-2008 1:50 PM -- By: Peter Vergo,  From: Denmark  

Dear Kirstens family, Dear steen and Mamie

Even though we are distant in relation, I feel so sorry for your loss, and with all my heart I give my condolences from me and my family to you and all your family and friends of Kirsten.


Peter (son of Erik and Alice)

10-08-2008 12:56 PM -- By: Monique,  From: West Warwick, RI  

Dear Mamie and Family, It has been so many years since we have seen each other. The memories of our childhood visits to the beach house are vivid and always bring a smile. I was not fortunate to have known Kirsten, but it is clear she is a loving, beautiful young woman that will be sadly missed. Please know you are all in my thoughts and prayers. Love Always, your cousin Monique (McCafferty) Lenzi

10-08-2008 12:55 PM -- By: Joan McKinney,  From:  

Dear Steen & family,

I am so sorry to learn of your loss and hope the world is very kind to you during this difficult time. I read some of Kirsten's journals; her writing is insprired with her passion and commitment to her cause. Please remember that life is not measured by how many breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away...seems like she had many breath taking moments in her short life.

10-08-2008 12:08 PM -- By: Aunt Mary,  From: Mission Viejo  

To my family, their lives will never be the same without their Kirsten. I have told everyone that I see and talk with about what Kirsten has done to help change the world, just so she will not be forgotten and I will never forget her. Love you all...

10-08-2008 11:10 AM -- By: Susan Dale,  From: Santa Ana, CA  

Thinking of you during this time of deep sorrow and loss. Sending you much love.

10-08-2008 2:31 AM -- By: Laura Meyers,  From: San Diego  

What a tragic loss. May her bright spirit continue to light the way for all who share her passion.

10-07-2008 10:59 PM -- By: Katie,  From: Virginia  

Not fair, but the best heart was left behind. The Best to everyone close to her.

10-07-2008 10:40 PM -- By: Mindy McElliott,  From: Los Angeles  

My heart-felt deepest condolences go out to her family and friends. I wish you all the best remembering her spirit by continuing her efforts.

10-07-2008 7:36 PM -- By: Jo,  From: Kansas  

I read about this from a friend of Kirsten's. So sorry to hear that things like this happen.

10-07-2008 12:05 PM -- By: Sejo,  From: delberate.damage  

I currently live (rent) in the Upper 9th Ward of NOLA. Although I live in the better part of the area this is absolutely unacceptable behavior. I feel for everyones loss and hope the criminal is brought to justice. I am tired of having to look over my shoulder walking into my home. Kirsten should have made it back home to SF safe and sound.

10-07-2008 12:03 PM -- By: Lois Mills,  From: Idaho  

Our daughter was a roommate of Kirstens in San Francisco for a brief time several years ago. She is who sent us Kirsten's memorial page.

Our sincere condolences, Don and Lois Mills

10-07-2008 11:57 AM -- By: JoHanna,  From: New College- now Vacaville  

now that I have sewn my own heart back together with a little found needle and thread, I would like to give my most profound condolences to her family.

Kirsten and I were like busy ships passing one another or like nearby stars abuzz with creating things/life in our own nearby galaxies/solar systems. I simply can't imagine the loss you are all experiencing. Brightest blessings to you all.

10-07-2008 10:39 AM -- By: Stacey,  From: MA  

Kirsten seems to have truly touched this cold world. Thank you for sharing. God, sent us an angel. Peace and love.

10-07-2008 7:47 AM -- By: John Blanco,  From: between earth and sky  

there are no butterflies amongst us

10-07-2008 1:58 AM -- By: Chris ,  From: Tucson, AZ  

Heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of such an amazing, inspiring person who I wish I had met. I plan to visit the Really really free market next time I visit San Francisco. Thank you Kirsten!

with love, Chris

10-07-2008 1:31 AM -- By: Les Rogers,  From: New Orleans by way of San Francisco  

I am truly saddened by the horrible outcome of such a seemingly wonderful situation. From the moment I saw Kirsten in the train station I knew who she was, and that she was one of "us". I was delighted to get to know this candid spirit whom I connected with instantaneously. Kirsten had such an obvious devotion to get to know our little city and was well on her way at last glance. Our time together was brief, but what little there was made an impression. At first it was hard to fathom that a woman whom I had shared conversation with merely hours ago was just not here anymore. I am not much of a writer, and I have been hesitant to say anything, but the connection I have developed with Kirsten since her passing is profound. I feel as though we are traveling, in some way together, through the wreckage of this misfortune, but I will never understand the loss that those who traveled closest are experiencing now. I am doing all I can to ensure that this does not go on unnoticed, and that Kirsten's efforts are continued here in New Orleans. My thoughts and prayers are with you,

Les Rogers

10-07-2008 1:23 AM -- By: Michael,  From: Montana  

Kirsten, it's incredible how you maintained always your perfect tone, being helpful and inspiring, this whole connection to the now, and the true reality; that you never forgot. We could relax, and tea was of the spirit that way, and speech was worth it because of the magnitude of the ideas we'd share. your pristine and slackful busy-ness; we met in the afternoon and I'm immediately helping you post free market flyers talking high-minded and truthful. within three weeks we've collaborated on a book-making info-share, during the months of the Salon Series at New College. ---->That's (part of ) what's great about Kirsten, her pure enthusiasm is so undeniably inspiring!!! I spent a week or two honing the "Treatise on World Gardening" and publihing them on-the-spot at the event, teaching, and reading aloud a long story about women's rights in China. ---> Kirsten was one who kept it right to be intellectual, and to speak smartly, and to think hard and good and then so easily join on the street as we al find a guitar and sing some funny songs about "1984". The true rennaisance woman and an ACTIVIST in the root of the word!! to go and stop by, well Kirsten's just sewing up the RRFM banner, beautiful with plaid lettering, and all those days, towards the end of the market when she enlisted me to help her "sell" (haha, as close as you can get to it) the left-behind items, those which just need a good home, even for free! and of course, Kirsten, thank you for the itmes we need, we all Need ! before we even know it, like that beautiful day I got the Clapper(TM). Just Everything. I'm glad you were here in Providence and enjoying the element of our city here. What fun connection between our local friends! Lacey, and Nina, all of you keeping this same spirit alive of bright and spiritual intelligence! I love you! Your experience, you gave us all the gift of your enrgy (exuberance) in your travels this summer. know that you are expanding my feelings towards death and (we.) engaged in some huge rituals --- to bring about harmony. I don't know how this works. but the gravity to grab the moment, to work with it and create new things from it, the unexpected and the glorious.. ah, that's you. and what makes it fun to be around you. your spirit, rolled in confectioner's sugar all through this country, and sent off like some cosmic cookie.. I can't be glum (as I ponder..) I can't be dumb, (as I know your goals) I can't be rejected (because you've taught us cooperation in a fun-scale way. how did you know how to read our minds before we even knew what we thought.

these are subgenius writings, it's late. I'd like to invite you all to contact we for the "Treatise on World Gardening" which was written while I was working with Kirsten setting up an event for the Salon Series Spring 2007. I'm also very interested in any collaborations towards zines in Kirsten inspiration. I would very much like to know anything about the notes Kirsten was working on. She had shared with me some of her ideas about synthesis, I would like to communicate with others who spoke with her about her goals for collective autonomy. as a project, and as an ideal. I welcome any correspondence from love-folk. hhmmmmm. just watching the sea, throwing rocks.

10-07-2008 12:48 AM -- By: Renee,  From: New Orleans  

I am so sorry for your loss. Learning about Kirsten from the information on this page makes her death so much more tragic. I don't know what to say. I am 24 and in graduate school in New Orleans- although I grew up in a more rural area of Louisiana. I am scared a lot of times here and don't feel very free at all.
Just know that people are thinking of you and your family in this horrible time. I hope and trust that Kirsten is in a better place now, free from all of the turmoil and injustice of this world, which she worked so hard to alleviate.
I traveled around parts of Europe this summer in a similar way- relying on friends of friends, etc. I don't know what else to say except that I am so sorry for your loss.

10-07-2008 12:04 AM -- By: Graham Thiel,  From: SF Bay Area  

Kirsten is a friend and a beautiful person full of light and ideas. As long as I will live, I will do so remembering her that way. Her beauty, her light, and her ideas will live on in all of those she has touched. Though great sadness has brought me to this memorial page, I know that I will return from it with greater strength. I have Kirsten to thank for that. My thoughs and prayers are with you and your family.

10-06-2008 11:16 PM -- By: Susan Gibson,  From: Stuart, FL  

what a great smile....wonderful spirit...I lost my daughter almost a year ago...this is how i found this story of a young woman who...i would have loved to meet you....your writtings are amazing i hope may-be you can get together with jessie

10-06-2008 9:43 PM -- By: Kathryn,  From: Springfield, VA  

My heart goes out to your family. Deborah's (John's girlfriend) family in the East are praying for all of you in this terrible time.

Although it's difficult today to see beyond the sorrow, May looking back in memory help comfort you tomorrow. ~Author Unknown


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