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Memorial created 10-1-2008 by
Steen Brydum
Kirsten Brydum
January 22 1983 - September 27 2008

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10-14-2008 9:26 AM -- By: Fenu,  From:  

Such a beautiful and shining soul she is, and how blessed must be those who knew her! i would imagine that after the shock of her brutal passage waned, she has probably bounced right back up and continues her work in the Larger Life, surrounded by Light and freedom, and bouyed by all of the love streaming to her from those who knew her here.

10-13-2008 11:09 PM -- By: Jonathan Stribling-Uss,  From: San Francisco  

Written though tears on the train to your wake,

I am trying to write her a letter that I never got to give her, when I saw her at the poor peoples march at the Republican National Convention. It made me so happy to see her there in the crowd smiling, shouting and chanting at the poor peoples march. “Stop the war, on the poor” we chanted together as the crowed from the Rage Against The Machine concert flowed into the poor peoples march. She was so vibrant and full of love, laughter and life. ...

[edit SB] Jonathan wrote a long piece about his time with Kirsten; the entire post can be found at this site: http://www.spaz.org/node/1165#comment-8009

10-13-2008 7:22 PM -- By: Jason Redmond,  From: Silverstar Finance  

Steen and Family,

I am terribly sorry for your incredible loss. You and your family are in my prayers. I've been meaning to write you since I heard the news, but was so shocked I didn't have anything I could say. Someone rightfully said, "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." May the passing of time and remembrance of Kirsten ease your pain.

10-13-2008 2:43 PM -- By: Rick Thompson,  From: Huntington Beach  

My prayers are you with you and your family. Losing a loved one is one of the hardest things we have to go through. Just remember that she is now with the Lord. May the Lord bless you and your family during this hard time.

Sincerely, Rick Thompson,
Team Referral Network (Newport Beach)

10-13-2008 2:30 PM -- By: Jara Queeto,  From: Oakland, CA  

This is too hard to believe. I had the great fortune of meeting Kirsten on multiple occasions, and it was always an uplifting moment. Such a warm person and bright and full of so much potential. Now it is up to those she touched to carry that potential on. I am so saddened...

10-13-2008 1:33 PM -- By: Mark-Erik Molnar,  From: SF  

A friend asked that I pass this on. I think it speaks directly to Kirsten's beautiful spirit. She answered this prayer's call in so many ways...she Became, she did not just Wish.

We Cannot Merely Pray
Rabbi Jack Reimer

We cannot merely pray to you, O God, to end war;
For we know that You have made the world in a way
That man must find his own path to peace
within himself and with his neighbor.

We cannot merely pray to You, O God, to end starvation;
For You have already given us the resources
With which to feed the entire world
If we would only use them wisely.

We cannot merely pray to You, O God, to root out prejudice;
For You have already given us eyes
With which to see the good in all men
If we would only use them rightly.

We cannot merely pray to You, O God, to end despair;
For You have already given us the power
To clear away slums and to give hope
If we would only use our power justly.

We cannot merely pray to You, O God, to end disease;
For you have already given us great minds with which
To search out cures and healing,
If we would only use them constructively.

Therefore, we pray to You instead, O God,
For strength, determination, and willpower,
To do instead of just to pray,
To become instead of merely to wish.

10-13-2008 11:08 AM -- By: Jocelyn McCord,  From: Newport Beach TEAM  

I am sorry for your loss. My prayers go out to Steen and family that God will give all of you strength and comfort as you face the challenging days ahead.

My deepest sympathy.


10-13-2008 6:14 AM -- By: rae,  From: PDXswap.com  

Hey everyone... I am an activist and live in Portland, Oregon. I started a swapping economy here that is booming and I had the privilege of emailing a few times with Kirsten to discuss ideas, etc, on making the world a better place. I was so incredibly saddened to find out about her death. My condolences go to her family and friends and to the world, as she was a real pioneer of change. I'm starting a Gift Revolution in Kirsten's name. Here are the details , as well as the Yahoo Group that will track the movement of the Gift Revolution. Let's revolutionize the world in her name! HELP CHANGE THE WORLD by being part of the GIFT REVOLUTION in the name of KIRSTEN BRYDUM, the woman who started the Really Really Free Market in San Francisco.She was an activist full of incredible energy and enthusiasm for starting a Gift Economy, building community, and making the world a better place. To help carry on her mission, I would like to start a GIFT REVOLUTION in her name, where everyone who gets this message and wants to participate simply gives an amazing gift to someone - something above and beyond normal kindness. It could be a gift of time, energy, resources, or information. It could be big, it could be small - whatever you can do that will bring joy to someone else and help them in some way. Be part of the GIFT REVOLUTION in the name if Kirsten Brydum and let's see if this can circle the globe, Gifting everyone along the way (as I am sure that Kirsten wanted to visit and bring harmony world-wide). Maybe it can circle the globe over and over, until the end of time, so that we are all just giving and living peacefully (and thus receiving all we need because there is so much giving going on)! To be a part of the GIFT REVOLUTION that will change life as we know it: 1.) Give something unusually nice to someone. Beyond what you would normally do. No gift is too small for this revolution, however, so if you can even take part of your delicious dinner to the neighbors across the street, that is absolutely fantastic! 2.) Forward this story about her and the GIFT REVOLUTION to everyone that would want to be part of changing the world, so that the REVOLUTION will spread everywhere! 3.) Go to the Yahoo Group set up to track the Gift Revolution as it travels the world a million times over and post how you participated or received! http://groups.yahoo.com/group/GIFTREVOLUTION, the GIFT REVOLUTION is my gift to you. Thanks for all of your wisdom, passion, and selfless giving. Your work and memory will change the world forever! -Rae, PDXswap.com

10-13-2008 12:46 AM -- By: Steve and Kathy Bishop,  From: Middletown, CA  

Amazed at what you accomplished with such dreams for the betterment of all...who knew such compassion was hidden in such a young soul...dearly missed and lovingly remembered as a memeber of our extended family...

10-12-2008 6:46 PM -- By: Mike Eger,  From: Cle Elum, Wa  

Steen, Jan let me know the other day about your terrible loss. Thoughts and prayers are with you. Having read through the listed journals and accomplishments of Kirsten, the world has lost a great articulate mind, and you have lost a priceless daughter. Sincerely, Mike and Kathy Eger

10-12-2008 3:56 PM -- By: Jerry Daniel,  From: Sausalito, CA  

Steen and Family,

I was deeply saddened to learn of your loss. My prayers are with you, and hope you are blessed in this time of sorrow and loss. God Bless and Keep you.


10-11-2008 8:20 PM -- By: Jennifer Ellett,  From: Fort Worth, Texas  

To Kirsten's Beloved Family & Friends:

I am saddened to hear of another loss. Kirsten and my precious sister Gracie Sholl worked together at Dante's on the pier. I remember her, just like I now only have memories of my sister. I send love and prayers to all who are grieving over her loss. I speak on behalf of our entire family. We know how devastating the loss of someone so close can be. Especially when they are torn from your grasp with no warning. Please know that God will ease your pain. He is the only one who can. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you for many days to come.

Ecclesiastes chapter 3

10-11-2008 12:48 AM -- By: David and Susanne Cole,  From: Santa Monica,CA  

I cannot fathom the loss and pain. Our son is the same age as Kirsten and shares a parent's Danish roots. Kirsten was clearly enlightened and reflected her strong belief in human kind. The work she has done in her all too short life made a difference. I am sorry for your loss.

10-10-2008 4:03 PM -- By: Amy Kirk,  From: New Orleans  

I lived in SF for six years and now live in New Orleans. I found Kirsten's story a very sad reminder that New Orleans has a very, very long way to go in terms of accommodating idealists like Kirsten. I am so sad to hear about her death, and wrote a blog as a way to express the anger I felt about her unnecessary death, called "Of Hope and Bicycles": http://wrno.com/pages/producerspage.html I am trying to organize some kind of bicycle ride memorial service for her w/ local nonviolence groups. I want us all to ride through the Ninth Ward, a kind of Bikes Not Bullets, Right to Ride!! statement in her honor and for all future visitors and residents of NOLA who should be able to be safe while enjoying our city. Amy Kirk aaknola@yahoo.com

10-10-2008 12:40 PM -- By: Catherine Scott,  From: Heifer International - Seal Beach  

I did not know Kirsten personally, but I do know her father from his volunteering with Heifer International. Even without having met her, her spirit has deeply touched me. To read of her work to make the world a better place, and to have it end so tragically, is just heart-breaking. May her good works and beautiful soul inspire others to take up the cause...

10-10-2008 7:29 AM -- By: john mccollam,  From: new orleans  

So sad for the loss of this beautiful person with so much to offer, and a willingness to help. I found we shared a birthday which made me feel oddly proud. But I am deeply disturbed and saddened that such a thing happened to her in my home town. Still I have no doubt her spirit lives on in all the lives she touched and brightened. God bless her friends and family.

10-10-2008 3:20 AM -- By: Linda and Ed Scheck,  From: Newport Beach  

As parents ourselves, we are at a loss as to how to cope with the death of a child. To Kirsten's father, Steen, and sister, Erika, whom we know from a business relationship and as colleagues, we send our prayers and love. It is so very sad to learn about this bright, giving and hopeful young woman who was snatched from life. I wish we could have known her. I know her generous gifts to the people of the world will continue in her memory.

10-10-2008 1:42 AM -- By: RONNIE LASKY,  From:  

Erika & Brydums,

I am so touched by your tragic loss. I know there are no words that could possibly comfort you at this time. Please accept my deepest sympathy and know that my prayers are with you.

Ronnie Lasky TEAM

10-10-2008 12:07 AM -- By: Marilyn Aboytes "Orozco",  From: TEAM- HB  


So sorry for you loss, she looks so much like you. You are in our thoughts and prayers. May God give you and your family comfort in this hard time. God Bless, Eddie, Marilyn & Ashlyn (former TEAM member)

10-09-2008 9:25 PM -- By: Gary Duffey,  From: Seekonk MA  

I do not know Kirsten. I am in her Uncle, Professor Tylers class at Rhode Island College. I was touched by her Uncle when he returned from San Francisco after the funeral. My prayers for Kirsten's family and friends at this time. May God use this tragedy to inspire others. God Bless you!

10-09-2008 4:18 PM -- By: Michael,  From: Providence  

Do not stand at my grave and weep,
I am not there, I do not sleep.

I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glint on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn rain.

When you wake in the morning hush,
I am the swift, uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circling flight.
I am the soft starlight at night.

Do not stand at my grave and weep.
I am not there, I do not sleep.
Do not stand at my grave and cry.
I am not there, I did not die!

Text by Mary Frye

10-09-2008 4:03 PM -- By: Theodor Arnason,  From: Portland Oregon  

I am inspired by Kirsten to do my best to carry forward the spirit of Collective Autonomy.

10-09-2008 2:58 PM -- By: Sary Dobhran,  From:  

I had the honor of living with Kirsten in San Francisco the first half of 2005. I remember new years day it was snowing, which never happens in SF. and we were both awake and jumping up and down on our beds. I remember Kirsten as being remarkably gracious, graceful and diplomatic. Despite being 7 years older than her, I always felt I was looking up to her. My heart goes out to her family and friends. Kirsten was an angel, it is sure, and will be dearly missed.

10-09-2008 2:02 PM -- By: John Davis,  From: Huntington Beach  

I'm so sorry for your loss.

10-09-2008 10:54 AM -- By: Sue Hetrick,  From: Harrisburg, PA  

I'm an online friend of Mark's and just wanted to express my sorrow at the loss of his dear friend Kirsten. Although these awful things happen, it helps to remember our loved ones at their happiest moments and remember how much they touched our lives.

My thoughts and prayers to Mark, Kirsten's friends and family.

10-09-2008 10:24 AM -- By: Natalie Evans,  From: Austin TX  

Derek and I are so sorry for you and your families tragic loss. We were fortunate to meet Kirsten and she is a truly beautiful spirit. We are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers everyday.


Derek and Natalie Evans

10-09-2008 3:46 AM -- By: Maggie,  From: Chicago  

Don't remember you. But we were at the RNC together. Bash Back Chicago is doing a really really free market for ya. Oct 26.

10-09-2008 12:22 AM -- By: Anne-Grethe,  From: Denmark  

Dear Steen and Brydum Family!

We send our deepest condolences and keep Kirsten in our prayers.
Pastor Anne-Grethe and family
The Danish Lutheran Church, CA

10-09-2008 12:15 AM -- By: Brenda Lack,  From: Australia  

Keep pedalling Kirsten- you are still inspiring, and further and faster.

10-09-2008 12:08 AM -- By: Valerie,  From: Costa Mesa, CA  

Dear Family of Kirsten, Just found out about her senseless murder from a friend. I didn't know her, but after reading about her, I wish I had! She was such a bright, lovely, forward thinker! She was not just talking about making a difference. She was love in action with a plan. I want you to know that I am lifting all of you up in prayer. The world is becoming a dark place, but it is quite clear that no one could extinguish her light. Thanks for sharing her memorial. I am inspired at how much she accomplished. God bless and heal you all. Val


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